12 januari 2012

You're the one that I don't want - Alexandra Potter

Titel: You're the one that I don't want
Författare: Alexandra Potter
Sidantal: 400
Binding: Häftad
Utgiven: 2010
Förlag: Hodder
Betyg: 3,5 av 5

Beskrivning från Adlibris:
"How do you know he's The One? Are you getting butterflies just thinking about him? Have you dreamt of marrying him? Do you just know? When Lucy meets Nate in Venice, she knows instantly he's The One. And, caught up in the whirlwind of first love, they kiss under the Bridge of Sighs at sunset. Which - according to legend - will tie them together forever. But ten years later, they've completely lost contact. That is, until Lucy moves to New York and the legend brings them back together. Again. And again. And again. But what if Nate isn't The One? How is she going to get rid of him? Because forever could be a very long time...A funny, magical romantic comedy about how finding The One doesn't always have to mean happily ever after."

Min kommentar
Boken var bra, den hade mycket humor och var som Alexandra Potter brukar göra dem: intima, tjejiga, fyllda med dilemman och bra. Men som med hennes böcker så kan de bli lite utdragna och förutsägbara ibland, vilket är synd.
Men annars är grundidén, återigen, bra.

Finns hos Adlibris, Bokus och CDON.

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